12 Best Kids Socks in 2022 | Perfect for Your Little Ones

Socks are important for kids of all age groups for various reasons. In the case of newborn babies, socks are needed for all types of seasons since they help to regulate the infant’s temperatures. At the same time, socks protect the toddler’s feet from things like sunburn and cold season.

best kids socks

However, choosing the best kid socks isn’t just about finding the right size. Besides, the little feet are always growing, meaning they’ll regularly need new socks. To make things even more challenging, toddlers have their specific opinion about footwear.

For these reasons, buying baby socks isn’t always as simple as it seems. You’ve to put all these factors in mind as well as other aspects like design, comfort, and durability during the selection process.

Lucky for you, we’ve created a comprehensive list of the most important factors every parent should consider when buying socks for toddlers. Best of all, we’ve reviewed some of the best toddler socks available at the moment.

Here they are!



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Amazon Essentials Low Cut Socks

Duufin Toddler Ankle Socks

Zaples Non Slip Grip Ankle Socks

Boys Half Cushion Socks by Fruit of the Loom 

Unisex Crew Sock by Amazon Essentials

Our Recommended Top 12 Best Kid Socks Reviews in 2022

1. Amazon Essentials Low Cut Cotton Socks

Amazon Essentials Unisex Kids and Toddlers' Cotton Crew Sock

Considering their ability to provide excellent comfort, these Amazon Essentials low-cut socks are certainly a great option for any kid. Besides, they are made from a blend of soft, smooth cotton. To be precise, they are crafted from 74% cotton, 2% elastane, 5% nylon, and 19% polyester. This makes them quite comfortable while extending their durability.

Another interesting feature about these socks is that they’re fully-cushioned feet. As a result, they provide great support to your kids since they’re ideal for shock absorption. At the same time, this prevents foot pain and gives kids more comfort in their shoes.

In addition to protecting your kids’ feet, cushioned socks aid with temperature regulation. This ensures that your toddler is warm in colder temperatures. This set of kids’ socks is very simple to clean since it’s machine washable.

As for packaging, this particular set comes with 14 pairs of white & gray kids’ socks. However, you can find it in other colors and design options like black, white/ multicolor, and multicolor. Similarly, it’s available in different size options namely; large, medium, small, 4-5T, and 2-3T.

Highlighted Features

  • Set of 14 pairs
  • Multiple color and size options
  • Machine washable
  • Comfortable & durable
  • Fully cushioned foot


  • No anti-slip grips

2. Duufin Half Cushion Socks for Boys and Girls

Duufin Half Cushion Socks for Boys and Girls

With a total of 25 pairs, this pack of low-cut socks comes with sufficient quantity to meet your kids’ and toddlers’ replace and wear needs. To be precise, the package comes with 9 pairs white, 9 pairs black, and 7 pairs gray.

Interestingly, quantity and color options are not the only factors that make this pack the socks for toddlers. Instead, it comes with many unique features you may not find in other kids’ socks.

To start, these socks feature a low-cut design, so they’ll not go beyond your kids’ shoes. Yet they’re available in various classic colors that will match all seasons. Moreover, this allows them to match shoes and outfits in various colors.

Still, on design, the top of each sock is elastic and widens. This enables kids and toddlers to wear them comfortably and move flexibly. In addition, the socks have an anti-wear reinforced Y-shaped heel. On the same note, the heel is made from breathable & wicking materials to keep your kids’ feet comfortable and dry.

To add to their comfort, these socks are crafted from skin-friendly material. Specifically, they’re made from a blend of polyester and cotton, making them comfortable to wear and soft to touch. As a result, your children will feel good when playing, running, or walking while wearing these socks. Besides, they are easy to clean since you can either wash them with a machine or by hand.

Highlighted Features

  • Hand & machine washable
  • Made from a blend of polyester & cotton
  • Unique, practical low cut design
  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • Comes with a total of 25 pairs of kids’ socks
  • Ideal for boys & girls


  • Lacks anti-slip strips

3. Zaples Non Slip Grip Ankle Baby Socks with Non Skid Soles for Infants

Zaples Baby Non Slip Grip Ankle Socks

Newly standing and toddling babies tend to skid a lot, especially when moving on slippery floors. The best way to prevent that is by getting them this pack of non-slip ankle socks from Zaples. They will help your little one practice to walk gently, making them the best grips socks for walking.

Here’s how these socks can help your kid!

The first benefit of choosing these socks is that they’ve got non-slip dots covering the entire feet from toe to heel. This offers excellent slip protection and traction, preventing new walkers and crawling babies from slipping on smooth surfaces or hardwood floors.

In addition, each sock has a convenient pull-tab behind the ankle. This makes it easy for moms to put the socks on their kids and take them off. At the same time, these socks have elastic ribbed cuffs, preventing them from falling off.

It’s also worth mentioning that these socks feature closed toes with a covered design. This is intended to protect kids with sensitive skin from dirt and germs.

Moving on to construction, the fabric used in these socks is made from cotton. This offers softness, breathability, and comfort throughout the day. Even better, this fabric is stretchy, hence providing a good fit that grows with your kid. Moreover, the fabric has a medium thickness, making these socks ideal for any season, with/ without shoes.

Lastly, this package comes with 9 or 12 pairs of baby socks with grip that will easily match different outfits. Better still, this set comes in different sizes, making it easy to choose the premier option for your kids depending on their growing needs.

Highlighted Features

  • Cotton-rich fabric
  • Easy to put on & off
  • Ideal for all seasons
  • Stretchable & adequately adaptable
  • Protects sensitive skin from grms & dirt exposure
  • Odor- & sweat-resistant


  • Shrinks after washing

4. Half Cushion Ankle Socks by Fruit of The Loom

Fruit of the Loom Boys' Half Cushion Ankle Socks

Fruits of the Loom is one of the most reputable socks brands out there. And their boys’ socks are the perfect option for parents that want to buy kids’ walking socks in bulk. The package comes with a total of 10 pairs of socks. Moreover, each pack comes with a variety of super cool colors including grey, white, blue, and pink.

That aside, these socks are made from a superior fabric that contains 3% spandex and 97% polyester. This material is designed to be highly breathable, making it a great option for kids that are prone to sweating.

The ultra-soft polyester material makes these socks feel and look great while helping them last after wear. On the other hand, spandex ensures the socks have the right amount of zone cushioning and stretch, providing a streamlined performance fit.

Moreover, these ankle socks have a cushioned sole that will withstand even the toughest wear. For that, these socks are suitable for athletic or casual footwear and very comfortable for all-day wear. On the same note, the toes and heels are reinforced, helping them hold up to any type of roughhousing or play.

You’ll also find these socks to be very easy to take care of because they are machine washable. More importantly, they are quite durable and suitable for boys’ daily needs.

Highlighted Features

  • Each pack comes with assorted toe & heel colors
  • Machine washable
  • Pull-on closure
  • Cushioned sole for comfort & protection
  • Spandex provides a secure, contoured fit


  • Not unisex

5. Toddlers Cotton Crew Socks by Amazon Essentials

Amazon Essentials Unisex Kids and Toddlers' Cotton Crew Sock

 Amazon Essential has everything you need to outfit your kids in affordable, durable, and high-quality clothing. One of those products is this Unisex cotton crew socks for kids and toddlers!

Like most items from this brand, every detail of these socks is fine-tuned to ensure, fit, comfort and quality. For instance, each sock has full cushioned footbeds to provide support and comfort. At the same time, this design guarantees all-day comfort as well as optimal performance.

Moreover, the socks are equipped with a breathable honeycomb mesh arch support. This ensures stability and improves comfort. More notably, they have a snug-fitting tube to keep them socks throughout the day.

When it comes to construction, the material used to make the socks consists of a soft, smooth cotton blend. To be precise, the fabric is made up of 2% elastane, 7% nylon, 18% polyester, and 73% cotton. In addition, these crew-length socks have a reinforced toe & heel and ribbed cuffs for less pilling and longer life.

To sum up, the pack comes with 10 pairs of moisture-wicking socks, suitable for both boys & girls. Moreover, it’s available in various sizes and 2 color options namely; black and white/ grey.

Highlighted Features

  • Fully-cushioned foot
  • Machine washable
  • Soft, smooth cotton blend
  • Available in various size options
  • Snug-fitting tube


  • Limited color options

6. Cozy Way Baby Non-Slip Toddler Socks With Grips Ankle

CozyWay Baby Non Slip Socks Toddler Socks With Grips Ankle

If you’re looking for toddler’s socks that will keep your kid.s feet safe and comfortable, this pack for Cozyway is a perfect option. The pack comes with 12 pairs of kids’ socks that provide the perfect amount of traction without being too thick or sticky. Moreover, they are considered the best baby socks for fat ankles since the elastic around the ankle isn’t too tight.

The most unique feature displayed by these socks is that they’re equipped with comfortable non-slip grippers on the bottom. These grips are made from environment-friendly rubber round-dotted grippers of various sizes. As a result, they efficiently support active toddlers as they crawl/ walk on the floor or play on the trampoline/ slide.

Also, each sock features an elastic arch that gives a natural shape and offers stability when the kids’ feet hit the floor. This, plus the non-slip grippers prevent kids from slipping and injuries that may arise from falls.

Finally, these socks can easily fit in multiple shoe sizes. At the same time, they have a color design that is ideal for your kid’s first memories of wearing shoes. They’ll keep your kid’s feet nice and dry. This is because they’re crafted from cotton knit material that offers breathability and comfort for little toes.

Highlighted Features

  • Elastic arch provides stability
  • Fits in multiple shoe sizes
  • Comfortable non-slip rubber grippers
  • Available as a pack of 6 or 12 pairs of kids’ socks
  • Padded heel tabs to protect kids with sensitive feet
  • Budget-friendly


  • Tight around the ankles

7. SkiBeaut Cotton Crew Socks

SkiBeaut Store Kids Non Slip Skid Socks

Manufactured by SkiBeaut, these delightful little socks have anti-skid grips to perfect your busy toddler from falling and slipping. They are available in 6-pack & 12-pack options that have cute designs of airplanes, trucks, helicopters, cars, and rockets. More importantly, they’re regular crew socks, meaning they’re above the ankles & stay on securely.

One interesting feature about these socks is that they allow for shrinkage. As a result, their width and length will not shrink substantially, helping you achieve the right fit. Moreover, they have a wear-resistant heel point, ensuring that they fit your kid’s heels perfectly.

In terms of fabric, these kids’ footwear is crafted from 5% polyester and 95% cotton. For that, they’re moderately thick and breathable, making them suitable for all seasons. They will ensure that your little one doesn’t feel very hot in summer or too cold in winter. Instead, they will bring comprehensive protection to your kid’s feet all year round.

Better still, the soft cotton fabric makes them comfortable for kids, while ensuring their health & safety. In that regard, they will not cause friction between your kid’s feet and shoes, which can cause them injury. Besides, they’re ideal for both girls and boys and come in various sizes.

Highlighted Features

  • Ideal for all season
  • Made from 5% polyester & 95% cotton
  • Anti-skid grips
  • Wear resistant heel point
  • Come in different sizes and design options


  • Not that great for kids with sensitive feet

8. Cooraby Half Cushion Low Cut Athletic Ankle Socks

Cooraby 15 Pack Kids' Half Cushion Low Cut Athletic Ankle Socks

Like the socks we’ve reviewed above, Cooraby athletic ankle socks are great footwear that can be worn by both girls & boys in all seasons. The packs come with a total of 15 pairs of socks, making them a practical gift for friends, family, and children. More importantly, this means that your kids will have sufficient socks for their daily wear.

In terms of appearance, these kids’ socks have a simple, but classic design. Each pack features lovely colors and looks that work well with various clothes and shoes.

In addition to having an appealing design, these socks are both comfortable and breathable. This is because they are made from a blend of polyester and cotton, resulting in a soft and breathable fabric. At the same time, they are stretchy and warm to wear, helping your kids’ feet stay comfortable.

The only drawback with this pack of kids’ socks is that they don’t have anti-slip kids. Other than that, they can be used in kids’ different daily activities and are ideal for all types of shoes. Moreover, they are easy to clean since they are both machine- and hand-washable!

Highlighted Features

  • Machine & hand washable
  • Breathable & comfortable
  • Made from a blend of polyester and cotton
  • Low-cut design
  • Available in multiple sizes to choose from
  • Ideal for all types of shoes


  • Lacks anti-slip grips

9. Little Me Assorted Baby Socks 0-12 months

Little Me baby boys & Socks

This set from Little Me comes with 20 pairs of kids’ socks at an affordable price. More notably, half of the pack consists of large sizes. So, as your kid grows, you will already have the next size up.

To be precise, this assorted pack includes 2 sizes. That is 10 pairs of 1 to 2-year-olds and 10 pairs for 0 to 12-month-olds. To sum up, you can use this pack for newborns up to 2 years old.

It’s also worth mentioning that this pack is available in 4 styles. This includes; assorted, textured, sport, and flat knit. The pack has multiple color options, making it easy to match with different suits and clothes.

Moving on, the fabric used to make these socks contains a mix of stretchy spandex, soft cotton, and durable polyester. As a result, the socks can last through lots of washes & wear. Specifically, the fabric is made up of 3% spandex, 27% polyester, and 70% cotton. For this reason, they’re warm, durable, and super comfortable. Plus, they are pre-shrunk, so they won’t change size in the wash.

Finally, the bottom of each sock has a non-skid pattern to keep your toddler safe!

Highlighted Features

  • Multiple color options
  • Non-skid pattern
  • Available in 4 styles
  • Comes with 2o pairs of kids socks with 2 different sizes
  • Durable & super comfortable


  • Not ideal for kids over 2 years

10. Adidas Kids-Girl’s Superlite No-Show Socks

adidas Kids-Girl's Superlite No Show Socks

As the name suggests, no-show socks have no visible seams as they sit below the ankle. These types of socks are quite popular since they’re usually hidden by the shoes’ opening once your little one wears them. A good example of this type of sock is the Kids-Girls Superlite model from Adidas.

In essence, these socks are an excellent option for warm, sunny weather. Moreover, the set comes with 6 pairs of no-show socks that will keep your little one comfortable. In actuality, they are the perfect mix between cushion and comfort, making them the outstanding stylish socks for your little girl.

One notable feature about these socks is that they’re lighter and thinner than regular socks. Nonetheless, they provide some protection as well as sweat absorption. Specifically, they are crafted from a blend of 1% natural latex rubber, 2% spandex, and 97% polyester. This results in a sleek, lightweight, and moisture-wicking yarn, helping to keep your kids’ feet dry from sweat.

Overall, these socks are an excellent start if you are experiencing trouble getting your kids to wear socks. This is because they don’t cover their feet completely and are usually thin. Therefore, they’ll be less noticeable for kids as they slowly warm up to the idea of wearing socks regularly.

Highlighted Features

  • Super lightweight design
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Doesn’t show outside the shoe
  • Comes with 6 pairs of no-show socks
  • Size callout added to the foot’s bottom
  • Machine washable


  • Not ideal for cold seasons
  • No anti-slip soles

11. Eocom Animal Rubber Sole Non-skid Shoes Socks

Childrens Kids Toddlers Animal Rubber Sole

Eocom Slipper shoe socks for kids are a comfortable option to wear indoors and outdoors. They are super soft and suitable for all seasons since they will not irritate your kid’s delicate skin. Moreover, this pair of kid’s socks is irresistibly cute, thanks to its unique design and construction.

For starters, these kids’ slippers are warm and comfortable, keeping your kids’ feet feeling snug. At the same time, they are flexible, breathable, fluffy, and lightweight. This is because they’re crafted from 100% cotton and even feature a cotton lining to keep your little one’s feet warm & cozy.

In addition, these shoes are equipped with a rubber anti-collision shoe head. This is intended to protect your kids’ toes from injury and buffer impact while maintaining the socks’ comfort.

Still, for safety, the bottom of each sock has non-slip silicone grips. These grips provide sufficient traction for steady walking and prevent kids from sliding down on smooth floor surfaces during indoor activities.

As for sizes, these baby socks with grip soles are available in different sizes for infants and toddlers one can choose from. Moreover, they’re available in various color and design options including cats, foxes, and crocodiles.

Highlighted Features

  • Rubber anti-collision shoe head
  • Non-slip silicone grips
  • Warm & comfortable
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor use
  • Available in different design options


  • A bit pricey
  • Comes with 1 p[air of kids’ socks only

 12. PUMA Kids’ Low Cut Socks

PUMA Kids' 8 Pack Low Cut Socks

Closing off our list is this set of kids’ low-cut socks from PUMA. The set comes with 8 pairs of black socks that will certainly meet your kids’ needs. However, it’s also available in other color options like black/red, black/ blue, white, and more.

Moreover, these socks are a natural option since they’re made from a lightweight material. Specifically, the fabric is made from a blend of 2% spandex, and 98% polyester. This results in a lightweight and breathable material to ensure the comfort of your kids’ feet. Better still, this makes the socks easy to maintain since this fabric is machine washable.

In addition, these socks offer arch support but don’t limit motion or flexibility. At the same time, each sock has a sports cushion and smooth toe seam. Plus, they have mesh ventilation moisture control to prevent your little ones’ feet from sweating.

All in all, Puma has been in the market for more than 70 years now. Therefore, by choosing this p[ack you can rest assured that you’re getting the finest kid socks from a reputable brand!

Highlighted Features

  • Pull-on closure
  • 2% spandex, 98% polyester
  • Machine washable
  • Provides arch support
  • Mesh ventilation moisture control


  • Limited size options
  • Lacks anti-slip feature

Best Socks for Toddlers Buying Guide

Socks for Toddlers

When you’re looking for the best kid socks, not all pairs of socks out there will be perfect for your little ones. Besides, some options may end up doing more harm than good since baby skin is very sensitive at the start. Also, wearing inappropriate socks may disrupt the growing patterns of your kid.

With that in mind, there are certain points you should always consider when selecting a suitable set of socks for your kids and toddlers. Some of these factors are;


Various materials are used to make kids’ socks in the market. However, cotton blends are the most popular fabric option for toddlers’ socks, thanks to their breathability and softness. Polyester blends are also a popular choice since they don’t shrink, but they are easy to wash. Moreover, some polyester blends have incredible wick-away properties that keep your kids’ feet warm and dry.


Buying kids’ socks in value packs is more cost-effective than purchasing individual pairs. Therefore, it’s good to look for kids’ socks that come in sets to help you save money. Also, make sure you consider the number of socks included in the pack before you make your final decision.


The sizing of toddlers’ socks is one of the most frustrating things for parents when choosing a set of socks for their little ones. Even worse, manufacturers use different charts to size their products. For this reason, finding socks that fit your kids can be very challenging, especially when they reach ages 3 and 4.

To avoid choosing inappropriate sizes, always look at the socks that have a sizing chart. More importantly, avoid socks with ‘universal sizing’ since they may end up injuring your kids’ toes. Some manufacturers size their socks based on the foot’s length, while others indicate the recommended age.

Whichever the case, consulting the sock chart will help you find the pair of socks that match the size of your kids’ feet almost perfectly.


As mentioned earlier, baby skin is easily affected and very sensitive. That’s why it’s always important to check the comfort of the baby walking socks before you choose any set. Are the socks too tight? Tight socks can cause discomfort to the kid’s feet and are difficult to wear or take them off. Moreover, they tend to disrupt blood, thus resulting in poor leg development.

That said, the best socks for toddlers to sleep in should be fit and comfortable to wear.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Should toddlers & kids wear socks at night?

This will depend on the weather and the indoor temperatures of your home. However, wearing socks at night will protect your kids’ toes from getting cold, especially when they’re not under the covers. Moreover, socks help some babies to sleep comfortably.

2. What are the benefits of having your kids wear socks?

Baby socks offer many benefits such as keeping the kids’ feet warm during cold temperatures. In addition, wearing socks protects the kids’ feet and safeguards them from sunburns.

3. How do I make my kids’ socks last longer?

Making your kids’ socks last long is quite easy. For instance, you can clean them with mild cleansers or mild detergents that will not thin out their fabric. Washing them with warm water will also help to increase the socks’ durability. Warm water helps to soften the dirt between the sock’s fabric, so you’ll not need to scrub too hard.

4. Which is the best brand for kids’ socks?

Several companies in the market produce socks for kids and toddlers. Some of the best brands include; Puma, Adidas, CozyWay, Fruit of the Loom, Duufin, etc.


Finding the right set of kids’ socks can make a huge difference to the comfort of your children’s feet. At the same time, they’ll provide warmth and protect their sensitive feet.

However, as we mentioned earlier, finding the best kid socks isn’t a simple task. Thankfully, after going through this review and buying guide, you’ll have an easier time choosing the perfect pack for your kids’ feet. Besides, the socks we’ve included in this guide are comfortable, durable, and fit perfectly in most babies and toddlers.

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