Best Attack Type Beyblade for Battle Game 2022 – Top 6 Picks

Beyblade is mainly an anime-based battle game where kids or players launch their Beyblades in a beystadium to battle with each other. As a result of several years of corporate scandals, the demand for battling top toys has grown significantly.

Best Attack Type Beyblade

there are lots of brand for beyblade, but two brands are much popular. and these are-Takara Tomy and Hasbro. these two brands have launched defense, stamina and attack type beyblades. But among these three, attack type beyblade is now most popular.

The attack type of beyblade has a great speed to attack its opponent. as the popularity has reached high, people now look for good quality attack type Beyblade which is tough. That is why we intend to bring this article to you with the 6 best attack type Beyblade.

Moreover, we will provide cons of each product, and lastly a useful buying guide for your betterment. So stay with us my friends!



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BEYBLADE Burst Rise Hypersphere

Beyblade Burst Evolution Star Set

Elfnico Metal Fusion Battling Tops

JIMI Bey Battling Top

Evolution Elite Warrior by Beyblade

Our Selected Top 6Best Attack Type Beyblade Reviews in 2022

1. BEYBLADE Burst Rise Hypersphere Battle Hunters

BEYBLADE Burst Rise Hypersphere Battle Hunters

Nowadays, fewer kiddo has become addicted to the Beyblade battle game. And so on, their parents want to gift their children with this set on a special occasion. Whoever are thinking of purchasing these, they prefer the latest attack type beyblade version that will bring more fun. So, for them, the perfect gift option is this Beyblade 3-pack set.

First of all, let’s know what is included there in the package. You’ll get a wizard Fafnir F5, Ogre O5, and Bushin Ashindra A5. Now it’s time to introduce them separately.

Wizard Fafnir is the latest version that was released on April 27th, 2019 in Japan. This is mainly a Stamina type Beyblade that is as well as a part of the burst system. And takara tomy released this champion.

Ogre O5 is basically a GT chip of Hasbro that is also one of the parts of the Burst system and Hypersphere system as well.

And Bushin ashindra A5 is mainly a defense type Beyblade of Hasbro and Hypersphere system as well, and this is also for burst system. Both Ogre O5 and Bushin ashindra A5 are released by western countries.

These are not only the new version but also the best in the performance. If a battle session is started, and you throw these in the hypersphere beystadium, following a few tricks, easily you can win.

They are specially designed to ride hypersphere beystadium’s vertical wall.

Moreover, they can compete in digital battles by scanning the code of energy layers. And then, you can unleash the burst hypersphere tops in the battle with other components.

Furthermore, wizard Fafnir F5 and bushin ashindra A5 can be customized and interchangeable through their existed GT chip in energy layers.

In a words, we can say so much more in one package. Thus, this is a perfect choice for gift to please your kids.

Highlighted features

  • The set includes wizard Fafnir F5, Ogre O5, Bushin Ashindra A5.
  • Specially designed for climbing hypersphere beystadium’s vertical wall.
  • Can compete in digital battle by scanning code of Beyblade burst hypersphere energy layers.
  • Wizard Fafnir F5 and Bushin ashindra A5 have Gt chip which can be interchangeable and customizable.


There comes no launcher or ripcord. You’ll have to buy ripcord and Beyblade launcher separately.

Why Beyblade Burst Rise is Best Compare Others

In this article, you’ll get to introduce 5 more attack-type Beyblades, but we consider this as the leading one than others. There has a specific and practical reason behind this.

All the included bladders, especially the Wizard Fafnir F5 are the latest version that came just three years before.

A smart beystadium has a vertical wall that makes sure the Beyblade is battling in the center. All the bladders are designed specifically to play around the vertical wall.

By scanning the code of energy layers, easily one can play a digital battle.

The best part is, they give the opportunity to interchange and customize the included GT chip.

2. Star Storm Battle Set by BEYBLADE Store

Beyblade Burst Evolution Star Storm Battle Set

Although our previous product is a fantastic one, but there were not everything for a battle game. So, now we are presenting to you a complete package that carry everything with two best attack type Beyblade burst for a perfect battle.

In this package of burst evolution star storm battle set, as battler, you’ll get two powerful Beyblades. One of them is Genesis valtryek V3 DR26 TA11 which is a digital control kit that is a component of the series of Beyblade burst evolution. 

Another one is Satomb S3 DR38 TDO8, this is also a component of the Beyblade burst series. And both of them are right-spin top.

Imagine, one of your friends is at your home and you guys are planning for a battle session. In this situation, you’ll not have to worry about another launcher because the package comes including two launchers.

How can you play without a Beystadium? If you purchase this battle set, you get a beystadium too. And this beystadium have 4 holes at 4 corners. Moreover, its shape is perfect to keep the battler fighting remaining in the center.

The actual fun of this battle set is its burst action. These bursts tops few often burst in the battle. So, you need to be cautious because this can be dangerous too. Children under 8, shouldn’t play with this.

Highlighted features

  • There comes one Genesis Valtryek V3 and Satomb S3.
  • Both are for Beyblade burst action and right-spin top.
  • Comes with two launcher.
  • Includes an effective beystadium.
  • The product is plastic but strong enough.


The product seems to be poor quality. But you must have to see that within a reasonable price, you’re getting everything.

Expert tips

As this is a burst evolution battle set and there has a higher possibility of bursting while Beyblades are battling.

So whoever will play, they shouldn’t put their head down towards the beystadium. Wear a glass or helmet while playing. Otherwise, serious injury can happen.

How it compares

When you will purchase this and receive the shipment package, you’ll find everything that is needed for a battle game. Here has Beyblades including two launchers and a beystadium.

You don’t need to stock anything or purchase anything separately for an interesting battle series. Moreover, the price is within the reach.

3. Elfnico Metal Fusion Battling Tops with 4D Launcher

lfnico Bey Battle Burst 2 in 1 Metal Fusion Battling Tops with 4D Launcher Grip

are you thinking of a competition between your friends on holiday or arranging a party where you want to give prime concern to the battle game? Then, this Elfnico bey battle is best attack type beyblade metal fusion batting top for you.

Here you’ll get beyblades and included things in an amazing appearance with multicolor.

The package includes 2 spinning battling tops, 2 power launchers, 1 launcher grip, and two stickers in a storage case with instructions. Each battling top has 3 layers. Among them, the top and the bottom tip are plastic, and there has a ring in the middle made of metal.

So, if you are willing to play a match with your friends, you can do this gracefully if you have a beystadium before.

There has possibility of bursting while playing, so stay cautious.

This is a perfect gift choice for a birthday boy or if you want to admire any kid for his any significant achievement.

Highlighted features

  • All the components are of amazing appearance.
  • Everything comes in a storage case.
  • There have 2 Beyblades, 2 launchers, 1 launcher grip, 1 instruction.
  • The blades are left and right spin.
  • A great gift option for kids.


The durability of this product is not good. This is a made in china product, and the plastic is not of good quality.

Expert tips

As we mentioned before, these don’t maintain quality very well. So, we recommend not to buy this with great expectation that they will be 100% original. To prevent early breaking, use the trick of not bursting. And stay cautious in case injury happens because of bursting.

4. JIMI Burst Gyro Toy Set for Kids [Recommended Ages 6+]

JIMI Bey Battling Top Burst Gyro Toy Set

kids who are 6+, like to experiment with things, and if it is about Beyblade, then the curiosity is more because they don’t want to play with two, three, or four blades. As they are underaged, their parents look for non-toxic, safe, qualitative Beyblades.

For those parents, we bring JIMI bey battling set. First of all, the shipment package comes in a storage box that has a foam pad inside to protect things when children carry the box.

In the box, there have 12 different burst tops with 3 launchers that offer children multiple-choice to play. Moreover, from childhood, kids get to learn to share things that build interactions. Similarly, children get hints about their competition and how they should face it.

These burst tops are high-quality materials according to the value of money. Even, these are not toxic plastic, rather safe for children.

To play with this set, no beystadium is mandatory. Simply, kids can play on floor directly.

Undoubtedly, this is the best gift choice. Especially, when you know how much your kiddo loves Beyblades.

Highlighted features

  • 12 beyblaes and 3 launchers comes in the package.
  • The storage box has a  foam pad inside.
  • All the things are made of ABS non-toxic metal.
  • Provide kids with motor skills, and cultivate patience and competitive knowledge.
  • Perfect for 6+ aged children.


The rip cords are not steady enough. 2, 3 or more blades may not work from the first time.

5. Beyblade Burst Evolution Elite Warrior

Beyblade Burst Evolution Elite Warrior

Do you prefer quality to numbers? Then yes, this evolution elite warrior set is for you. The package comes in a transparent packet that have 4 iconic right-spin burst tops and 2 switchstrike tops.

The first one is generation 1 Draciel S, second is Dranzer S, number third is generation 3 Xcalius X2 and the fourth is Genesis Valtryek V3 SwitchStrike top. In total, the set includes 12 separate pieces And undoubtedly, they are real Hasbro.

These are very sturdy to face head-to-head battles. When you throw a Beyblade in the beystadium, there has a maximum possibility of this Beyblade being the last one spinning.

To make you the champion, the bladders can match with the energy layers, to the forge discs, and to the performance tips.

Moreover, these bladders can burst into pieces so that you can gain more points in the battle.

By downloading Beyblade battle app, one can play in the online, too.

Highlighted features

  • The package includes 12 pieces including 4 bladders.
  • All the bladders are right-spin tops.
  • They can burst into pieces.
  • The bladders can mix with energy layers, forge discs, and performance tips.
  • 8+ kids can play with this set.


There has no launcher included. You’ll have to purchase separately launcher or fix your old launcher already you have and beystadium.

Expert tips

Don’t put your beystadium on a table or other higher part. Also, don’t make your head closer to the stadium when the tops are playing. Maintain proper distance to stay safe.

6. Battling Tops B-105 Starter Zet Achilles

Battling Tops B-105 Starter Zet Achilles

our last product on the list is that B-105 starter Zet which is a takara tomy.

This is a very qualitative attack type beyblade that comes only one in number with a usual rip cord. The fact here is not number, the fact is how well its play. And in this category, this is really a boss.

It has extend driver to adjust two different heights. You can transform this extend to extend plus with the tip.

There has a lot of metal in this battle top that makes it powerful, and strong enough to run a battle by your side.

It has such quality that few users demand it always wins.

Let’s talk about its look. It really has amazing color that makes the look go with its quality.

This Korean Zet Achilles is 100% original and 100% effective to make you the winner in any battle session with your competitiors.

If you gift this to your kids, you are going to be his favorite, for sure.

Highlighted features

  • This is a Korean Beyblade.
  • It is original Takara Tomy.
  • Comes with one bladder and rip cord.
  • Can be transformed into extend to extend plus using the tip.
  • Has the quality to always win.


The rip cord doesn’t match the quality of the bladder. When the beyblade battle in the stadium, it wobbles occasionally.

Buying Guide of Attack Type Beyblade

Attack Type Beyblade Reviews

my beloved readers! till now we were briefing about best attack type beyblades. All the beyblades in our list are considered superb on the basis of users description. So easily you can pick the one that you like the most.

But only knowing about specific products, is not the smartest thought. To utilize your investment rightly, you must know more details. That is why we would like to present our buying guidelines to you.

We are concerned because most of the time people give a thought to buying a product simply by reading a review. They forget to consider other vital things.

Although, in our review details, we specified those important things for the convenience of discussion. Still, here we are presenting this segment separately so that you must not forget related vital things.

Emphasizing personal demand

Basically, attack-type Beyblades are for kids. And the 6 products we have mentioned are for kids who are 6+ or 8+. We are focusing on emphasis on your demand because maybe you are thinking of purchasing for your children, or to gift someone.

If this is for gift purposes, then we recommend purchasing the full set that has everything included. Or you should look for good quantity bladders.

And, if this is for a kid who already has beystadium or launcher, then you should go for the latest, and qualitative products although the quantity is poor.

Age of kids

When you intend to buy beyblades, you should consider the age of a children. When the age number is 6 or 7, children actually likes if you are giving him lots of beyblades altogether. He doesn’t understand the fact of quality then, rather he likes experimenting newer things at this age.

And, if the baby boy’s age is 8 or more, he starts understanding which is making him winner, which one is more powerful, etc. so, for him, it is better you choose products with quality.


The material of the Beyblade is important for two reasons. One is, if it is not sturdy enough, it will get break easily. Another reason is the safety of the child. If the Beyblade is of metal and it burst, then it will cause serious physical injury.

So while you think of purchasing a Beyblade, choose the material wisely. I would say, for kids the best material will be sturdy plastic. Sturdy plastic will not break easily, and if bursts, doesn’t make serious injury.


Two brands are leading over the Beyblades market. One is Takara Tomy and another is Hasbro. Takara Tomy is a Japanese brand and is considered the best brand. And Hasbro is a North American brand. Both of the brands are good. When you’ll purchase any Beyblade, make sure it is a product of those brands. In our list, we maintained the brand. And our first product is a mixture of both of the brands. Thus, we told this is the best.

Customization option

Beyblades battle game is for fun, and when you can interchange parts, GT chip or customize each bladders mixing with others, then this is the real fun. Sometimes, you need to customize the height of the bladder using the tip to introduce variations in your tricks.

So before choosing a Beyblade, make sure you get the option for customization.

People Also Asked

1. What is attack type Beyblade?

Answer: The attack type beyblade is such a blade that has flat tip, and the tip is the main medium that makes a contact with the beystadium. with the help of this beystadium contact, the blade stays dynamic and play with massive speed to attack the opponent. This speed makes a big contribution in the game.

2. what is the best attack type beyblade?

Answer: the best attack type Beyblade is Burst Rise Hypersphere Battle Hunters 3 pack set. In this set, you get Takara Tomy’s Wizard Fafnir F5. And, from Hasbro, you get Ogre O5 and Bushin Ashindra. In sum, this combines the two leading brand altogether.

3. How can you tell if a Beyblade is an attack or defense?

Answer: a Beyblade that intends to stay on the beystadium without being knocked, and stays on the purpose to give a deadly attack, is mainly a defense type Beyblade. Its spin time is average.

On the other hand, the Beyblade with a bad spin time, but always on attacking mode, knocking the opponent badly, is the attack type Beyblade.

Final Word

My dear friends! In this article, we have successfully introduced you with the 6 best attack types Beyblades. Before presenting those to you, we gave priority to the review of the people except for our opinion.

By researching each detail, we dare to bring those in front of you. For your betterment, we narrated drawbacks so that you get to know the product’s cons too. We openly described our opinion to you so that you can easily take your decision.

At the last, we give you thanks from the bottom of our hearts for staying with us for so long and supporting us. We wish you all the best.